Dance Classes

Living Room Practice, a contact improv based workshop

Workshop will be taught in collaboration with Hannah Krafcik

Emily and Hannah have developed much of the material for this workshop over a year of rehearsing in a living room together. In this workshop, we will consider our approaches and intentions when moving in contact with another person, exploring modes of movement that propose and problematize notions of efficiency. With attention toward agency, we will consider a range of ways to be contact. We will work with a compositional lens and play with the intersection of contact improv and choreography.

1- 3:00pm of Saturday July 28th and August 25th, 2018.

At Flock Dance center in Portland Oregon

10-15$ sliding scale

“Bring the Bounce Back”

This workshop is inspired by the Axis Syllabus and will be taught in collaboration with René Soulier Smith. Our workshop  will be an investigation into resilience in our bodies. We will be playing with tonal variation and elastic recoil, considering what it means to move with our fascia in mind.

10am-1pm of Friday July 27th and August 24th, 2018.

At Flock Dance center in Portland Oregon

20-30$ sliding scale

Bay Area Axis Syllabus Exchange

Fallow your Breath with ​Emily Jones

In this class we will rely on our breath as a fundamental organizing force. Attuning to our personal experience as breathing beings, as well as experimenting with theories derived from the study of anatomy and physiology. Through inhale and exhale we will familiarize ourselves with the sensation of rise and fall, tapping into the propulsive nature of cyclical breaths. Using this experience, we will translate the microcosm of breathing into the macrocosm of traversing movement.

July 13, 10 – 11:30a​

10$ drop-in

Interoception Series at FLOCK Dance Center

Emily Jones and René Soulier Smith will facilitate a series of three movement workshops this month. These workshops focus on looking through the lens of our internal sensory system known as interoception. We will work with models, metaphors and laws of physics to build and fine tune our awareness of the internal landscape we call home. Utilizing movement motifs, repetition, floor work and standing sequences to guide our bodies through space, we’ll explore locomotion from an Axis Syllabus perspective.

October 14, November 18, and December 9


25$/drop in

to register, email Emily Jones at

What wants to Happen?

Creek College, September 30, 2017 at the Colombia Slough Water Shed

A site specific workshop taught by Emily Jones and Hannah Krafcik

How does discomfort with uncertainty inhibit our experience of an environment? How do socialized movement patterns create chasms of separation, foreclosing on the possibilities for our engagement with place, community, and even our own bodies? This movement-based workshop will cultivate uncertainty: What happens if we radically shift our focus? Through sensory walks, movement explorations with eyes closed, and experiments in “attending to” an environment with a redistributed hierarchy of the senses, we will begin to uncover possibilities for instant composition—the emergence of the poetic in a particular place. What wants to happen?

Ecological Bodies, a week of somatic inquiry in Portland, Oregon. Directed by Emily Jones and Hannah Krafcik

See link for details

February 2017 ONLY!

Emily will be teaching Contact Improvisation every Tuesday in February from 6:15-7:15 at the Village Ballroom in North Portland. In this class we will explore tactics for being embodied while in movement conversation with another body. Aspects of biomechanics and physics will guide our inquiries into our own bodies moving through space.

$7-10 sliding for the class… stay for the jam for an additional $5

Tuesdays in February at 6:15PM
Village Ballroom
704 NE Dekum St, 2nd Floor
Portland, OR