Dance Classes

Summer 2019 Teaching Schedule

Bay Area Axis Syllabus Exchange

“Sensing in Spirals” with Emily Jones

Thursday, June 20, 11:15a-12:15p @ The Finnish Hall in Berkeley, CA

In this class we will orient toward joints and connective tissues in the upper limb. Sensing into the communication between hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders we will find coordinations in congruence with our individual design. Bringing our arms into relationship with our axial body we will play with ways our arms can navigate us through space.

Art Klub Nola- Saturday Class Series

Emily Jones and Hannah Krafcik are artists-in-residence this summer at Art Klub. They are teaching a series of Saturday dance workshops (7/27-8/17)

Saturday, 7/27, 10am-12pm
Soloing Together
A dance workshop taught by Hannah Krafcik
Drop-in $10-20 sliding scale, NOTA

In this compositional workshop, we will experiment with ways to hone in on improvised and choreographed solos, together. We will begin class with some exercises to warm into a personal practice, sensing into what we are each bringing to this work. We will then practice moving and witnessing one another, and we will use this as a basis for creating phrases that can be tried on one another and together. With a critical lense, we will take this opportunity to explore where our histories and experiences intersect and diverge, sharing context for the movements that have arrived in our improvisational practices and patternings.

Saturday, 8/3, 10am-12pm
Living Room Practice, pt. 1
A contact-based workshop taught by Hannah Krafcik and Emily Jones
Drop-in $10-20 sliding scale, NOTA

Saturday, 8/10, 10am-12pm
Living Room Practice, pt 2
A contact-based workshop taught by Hannah Krafcik and Emily Jones
Drop-in $10-20 sliding scale, NOTA

In this workshop series, we will question the way consent and reciprocity are practiced in contact improvisation, acknowledging that we each embody different histories and shifting identities that shape and inform our practices as movers that move together. Considering a continuum of relational tendencies (including dominance, submissiveness, etc.), we will hold space for personal inquiry within shared practice. With attention toward agency and communication, we will work with a compositional lens and play with the intersection of contact improvisation and choreography. The content of this workshop emerges from our ongoing collaboration and discussions about queer and femme contact, as well as our evolving critiques of and participation in the greater contact improvisation community. Participation in this workshop assumes willingness to dance in contact with others.

Saturday, 8/17, 10am-12pm
Sensing in Spirals
A workshop taught by Emily Jones
Drop-in $10-20 sliding scale, NOTA

In this axis syllabus inspired dance class we will orient toward the spiraling nature of our joints and connective tissues. Sensing into the triaxial movement that exists in our bodies we can find coordination in congruence with our individual design. Bringing our spiraling joints into locomoting movement, we will play with kinetic energy: harvesting, recycling, releasing and dissolving.

Axis Syllabus is a platform for practicing and sharing somatic inquiry, with the intention of understanding how we, as human beings, can move with more intentionality to our bodies internal landscapes, considering efficiency and ease in movement.

photo credit: Izbenef