img_6558Emily Jones is a movement artist and teacher based in Portland, Oregon. She is invested in movement as a form of expression and conduit for healing. She approaches the body from a holistic perspective. Emily teaches Pilates, functional fitness and dance, with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainable movement patterns. She has worked extensively with a variety of clients, and emphasizes body positivity in her practice. She brings over 10 years of experience to a diversity of individuals, including those seeking injury rehabilitation, athletes, and people striving to move better through everyday life. 

As a dancer Emily enjoys regular practices, teaching, and performing. She has performed with choreographers from Portland and San Francisco in the US and Europe. She is currently an artist in residence at New Expressive Works in Portland, Oregon, with her collaborator Hannah Krafcik. They will be showing their work in March of 2019.

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Stability Anytime

Stability has become a buzz word in the fitness world recently. Trainers have come to understand that being able to lift, press or pull heavy weight doesn’t equate to functional fitness and health. New challenges such as unstable or moving surfaces and balance activities are key for building strong and functional movement patterns. You will … Continue reading Stability Anytime

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